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In which file format you are providing Learning Solutions
Currently, we are providing in PDF format learning solutions
Can you provide Learning Solutions in other file formats?
Why you are providing Learning Solutions in PDF file format only?
Preparing learning solutions in PDF is a more comfortable and economic way.
Why you are not providing/supporting other file format files for learning solutions ?
We respect privacy policy and terms of use of tools to make the different file formats.
We are using only licensed tools which allowed us to make different file formats for Learning Material.
Some tools providers instantly changed the terms of use conditions, so we have removed some file formats and currently providing only PDF formats.
Can I use available learning material on the website to pass the test?
No, we didn’t guarantee to use our Learning Material to pass the test. We are providing easy and simple learning solutions which help to learn complex IT technologies.
How do your learning solutions help us in the IT industry?
Our Easy Learning Solutions offers practical, solution-oriented information on design, development, management, technology, and executive matters, that readers can use to make well-informed business decisions to ensure their organization’s success with eLearning.
I don't have paypal account plus no credit card, any other way to pay?
please contact us via email support@premiumete.com
Do you have any discount coupons?
Yes. Please visit Discount Codes Page to get the current coupon code.
I can't find an email from you. What's wrong?
If you do not see emails from us, that’s most likely because they have landed to your Spam/Junk folder. Please check these folders, and once you find an email from support@premiumete.com, open it and remove the Spam label. To prevent premiumete.com messages from being marked as Spam in the future, add support@premiumete.com to your email address book, so it is recognized as a trusted email.
How secured is your site?
Our site uses SSL encryption, which is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link of communication between a web server and your browser.

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